hiya! I’m kade, and i'm an anthro animal artist!
My prices, gallery, and links are below! Thank you ♡︎

Feel free to email me for business inquiries, questions, etc! I also respond to DMs on most platforms :)


If you’re curious about how long your comm progress will take, check my Trellos here for up-to-date progress on my current work!(normal, customs, kofis/babies)


•Extremely complex designs
(Don’t be afraid to show me/ask first!)
•Anything with weird or ill intent

⬇️ PRICES ⬇️

kofi sketches: pwyw $15+

• 'pay what you want' $15 minimum
• more info on kofimissions here, please dm first before buying!

charm: $70

• +$15 for physical charm shipped to you

babie: $65

• 120$ for two (please state if you'd like them together or seperate pieces)• can provide transparent version if requested

icon: $90

• +$60 for additional characters
• heavy shading optional

fullbody: $100

• may cost extra for props, scenery, complicated designs, etc.
• +$80 for each additional character

custom design: $100

• comes with front fullbody, palette
• +$50 for headshot & detail shot add-ons
• +$200 for ref sheet upgrade (front/back view, see next option for more info)

ref sheet:

• comes with front and back view, outfit alt, palette, detail close ups (as requested), items & background of choice• $300 for more complicated layout; big fullbody, front and back chibis, all previous extras• additional headshot $15, outfit chibi $30, etc. (just ask if you have an idea not listed!)

full piece illustration: $200-$300+

• may cost extra for props, scenery, complicated designs, etc.
• +$80 for each additional character



• by commissioning me you agree to all terms and conditions• I have the right to refuse any commission request for any reason, and do NOT have to state the reasoning if i'm not comfortable.• payment is due upfront at the time of being added to the queue, if you do not provide payment up until the start of the sketch, i will place your piece on hold until payment goes through. if you cannot provide payment within 2 weeks, your commission will be cancelled.• payment is also taken either through an invoice system called Square (NO account required, i'll send you the invoice link, just have your card ready!) or as a kofi "donation" (specific to kofi sketch comms only)• backgrounds/items: please know i'm still learning! if you request something i've never done before or am not too good at, i'll let you know! i'm all for trying new things, but i also want you to get the highest quality piece!!• species: i like to experiment and have a broad range of species i can draw! if i'm struggling with a character requested i reserve the right to ask to change to a different character, spend more time studying it's anatomy, or cancelling your commission• if i find you are in any way a bad/shady/bigoted person AFTER i have completed a commission for you, (through your account rts, callouts, etc. or even if i have a bad experience with you personally) i have the right to block you from my page and not accept any further comms.
• secondly, if i find anything previously stated BEFORE i complete the piece, i have the right to refund you before completion and execute the above statement.
• clients/commissioners/ consumers DO NOT have my permission to mint/sell their finished commissions or any of my work for NFTs.• clients/commissioners/ consumers do not have my permission to train, validate or test a neural network on my art.


• If ordering anything except a custom design, i require some type of unshaded, non compressed reference picture. if you cannot provide this it's likely i will not accept the commission.

• fill out the commission form (first button on main page) in full, and don't be afraid to put down any extra info in my dms! just clarify that you've sent the form first and then go ham with questions/concerns/ extra info.• if you change your username- LET ME KNOW! if you change it without my knowing and i'm unable to find you- i'll put your pieces progress on hold until either you contact me or i somehow manage to find you (but i shouldn't have to go on a wild goose chase!) this also applies to changing/locking accounts.


• i hold a strict 60/40 refund policy (60% goes back to you) but this can be worked out if truly needed (and depending on the comm type).• i'm happy to work something out with you rather than drop everything at once! i'm available any time to answer DMs or emails in regards to questions, concerns, or just inquiries on completion time.• i don't do refunds on adopts of any kind, as well as auctions (YCH or adopts).• i also don't provide refunds if the sketch is already complete and has been sent to the client.


• while it varies due to many factors, on average it takes from 3-12 months to get to a piece and fully finish it. within that time im always available to give estimates, updates, and if requested can put your piece in priority (if already sketched)[if you're looking for the password, it's rubber duck!]• If you think this wait is too long- please don't commission me! please don't assume the lesser amount of time as well, i can't help most of my circumstances anymore than i already try!• please remember that I AM DISABLED. i almost constantly suffer from chronic pain, poor mental health, and other debilitating factors. due to this, i often take break days to recoup and recover when needed. i also am a person aside from an artist! please be patient with me :) ♡︎


• Buyer must be +18 and have a account.• When purchasing a design from me -either premade (adopt) or custom commission- you acquire all character rights *but NOT the rights to my original artwork.
(This means you cannot profit off my original artwork, but you may profit off the character's design by creating new art, such as for the purpose of merch or a fursuit.)
• Upon purchase, the buyer can change ANYTHING about the design, including but not limited to species, markings, colors, etc. as long as I am credited as the original designer.• I am not comfortable with edits to my artwork of the design.• You may trade, sell, or gift the design upon purchase.• You may use the design in merch (such as stickers, keychains, prints, etc), fursuits (like premades for auctions or offers), or characters in indie comics, video games, etc (that also may produce merch or profit). I only ask that you please credit me in the original sale listing or in production credits. A simple "character design(s) originally by RoundHoundArt" is perfect.• Design cannot be sold for more than initial price paid for unless new art is added (personal and commissions are okay, but please be mindful other artists may be against resale value based on their commissions - you may be breaking THEIR terms of service and risk blacklisting.)• Ownership and rights of any design made by me will be revoked if I do not receive payment within the elected timeframe, or receive a chargeback for their payment. If these terms are broken I will blacklist the buyer from future purchasing.

if you're here from my instagram post, i just want to thank you so much for even reading through my situation. life has never been the kindest to me, but i'm hoping i can only go up from links for donations are below, anything seriously goes miles for me and kitty ♡︎